The model cars created by Dutch designer Floris Hovers are instantly recognizable. With basic, factory made metal parts, Hovers assembles what he calls ArcheToys, archetypes of familiar motorized vehicles. The young designer can create a three-dimensional impression of an ambulance, a fire truck or a double decker bus with few elements, but enough imagination to make anyone smile with surprise.

The ArcheToys stirred up hype with bloggers and design lovers on the web, who distributed images from Hovers’ website to friends and readers all over the world. With his love of 1950s and 1960s design, Hovers is not at all interested in hypes and trends. According to him, the appeal of his work comes from offering a fresh look at design principles from the past.

"Memory is an important point of departure in my work", says Hovers. "A lot of my designs have connections with objects and ideas from recent history. Sometimes they evoke memories of things that are almost forgotten. A lot of older people approached me and said these model cars reminded them of Dinky Toys, for example."

Click here - To view the video of how the cars are made.

Design: Floris Hovers